How to Help Parents Who Don’t Want to Move to Assisted Living

Assisted LivingOne of my clients contacted me recently about his mom. Several years ago I helped him purchase a home for her to live in just minutes from his home.  Since then he moved to New York, and now his mom’s health is declining and he isn’t sure staying in the home is the best option for her. His mom doesn’t want to move into an assisted living facility, but having moved out-of-state, my client felt helpless and concerned that something might happen to his mom since she lives alone.  I put my client in contact with Elizabeth Ball, owner of Managing Your Matters, and she met with my client and his mom to devise a plan for her.  Now a few months later, I’ve heard from my client who feels that Elizabeth has been a tremendous help and has made him comfortable with not moving his mom to an assisted living facility.  Among the things she has done: take the client to doctor’s appointments and work with doctors to be sure the medications she is on are working and not conflicting; take the client to social activities at nearby churches and senior activity centers to keep her from feeling isolated; visit with the client to build trust so when the client has a problem, she will call for help; and more.  Now when I have clients who ask about assisted living facilities for parents, I have an alternative I can suggest, especially if the parents aren’t ready or willing to move.  While it might be in my interest to recommend a facility and help my clients sell the parents’ homes, my goal is to help others find solutions that work for them.  I have a lot of respect for Elizabeth Ball and her services, and will continue to recommend her in the hopes that elderly parents can stay in their own home where they are most comfortable if that option makes sense.


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